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Nummy staff app
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Joined: 31st Jul 2014
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31st Jul 2014

In-Game-Name: NominNoms
What Time Can You Be Online?: Mostly evenings during the school year, and then weekends when I'm not working.
How Old Are You?:
How Long Have You Played On Canadian Crafters?: A whole six or so days!
Do You Have Experience With Being Staff?: Yes, I have modded and admined on a server for two years before we went our separate ways.
What Rank Are You?: Member
What Makes You The Best Applicant? (200 words): 

I'm not the best applicant. I can't code, not good at plugins or mods, nor am I that good with things like WorldEdit or anything techy related to servers. However, I do have experience with running a server on the player side plus I'm a pretty decent builder. Two examples are and ... all. I know what works on a server and what doesn't work, how things should be properly run, and how to keep everything 'ship shape'. I can actually be serious when I need to, even though I've never shown it, and out of my friend group I've been described as the 'mature' one.

If I was to put a title to the best job I could do on the server, I guess build designer and builder and then also PR person, greeting people and helping them out and the like. I'm good at organizing people to get jobs done as well, group manager person right here. Honestly I'd just really love to help you guys out, because I can tell you guys do need some help.
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Joined: 8th Jul 2014
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1st Aug 2014

Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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